In 2018 TM “INTUICIA” conducted a full rebranding, taking into account all world trends and making accents on the perception of a modern woman:

change of logo, approach to packaging and brand identity, introduction of a system aimed at simplicity, ease and accessibility of perception.

The external image of BRAND is an important moment of communication with the modern world, whose task is a profitable difference from competitors.

The language of pictograms – symbols, making accents on the main thing – as simple as possible explains the functional of our models and their properties.

Updated philosophy of TM INTUICIA, marketing strategy covering all sales channels and actively influencing the right choice of the buyer, price positioning, professional team of technologists, marketers, managers, creating the whole process from

construction to the point of sale, allow INTUICIA to be the No. 1 LEADER and constantly increase the share in the market of Ukraine and the countries of Europe.

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